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 Pinstriping FAQ

Question: What is Custom Hand Painted Pinstriping?
       Answer: Custom Pinstriping is way to personalize your vehicle. we offer many ways to do that (Here are a few Samples)

Question: What does it cost?
Answer: Examples are general estimates not exact prices. All work is custom and price can very depending on project

  1. Double line 2 color stripe down both sides of car  $175
  2. Double line  2 color stripe with art work  $ 250 on up depending on design (Examples)  
  3. Double line with Old school  hot rod style striping with 2 colors $250 on up  (Examples)
  4. Scroll  3 color start at $300 on up (Examples)   
  5. Body lines with  gold or silver leaf Start at $800   

Question: What is Process
       Answer: First we go over the layout of the stripes and talk about a possible themes.Go over the possible colors ,once you choose a color ,we use a three step process to clean and prep for striping.

Question:How long will it take?
Answer: All work is custom done
.Few examples scenarios

  • Double line down the side of the car and Arizona Art about 1 1/2 hour
  • Double line and custom front and back old school stripes 2 hours
  • Scroll with 3 colors Leave it for the day
  • Airbrush mural  (will estimate of time according to design)

Question: How do I set a appointment
       Answer:   call me Tony 602.397.7134 to see availability

Airbrush FAQ

 Question: I want to get a airbrush shirt?
Answer: meet me at a show and get it done on location (my show schedule Here)  and  or order online (Here)

Question: Do you airbrush on cars?
Answer: Yes here are a few examples